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Hands-on Mentorship

Z-Park Global Network


Full Acceleration Services to Maximize Your Productivity

We care about the development of every startup and organization in the center and give the best resources to accelerate their success.

Gathering the best entrepreneurial and networking resources inside one building, Z-Park provides one-stop accelerating services including mentoring, business supporting services, cross-border resources and financial services. Our frequent events and roadshows also generate great learning and networking opportunities for Z-Park members.

Full Business Supporting Services

Outsourcing has made a powerful impact on startups' growth, productivity and bottom lines. Tell us your needs and we have a partner inside the center to solve the problem. You are able to customize your own acceleration services with a largely discount price.

Accounting and Taxation Services 

Financial Services

Legal and Lawyer Services

Human Resources Services

Design and Printing Services

Marketing and Business Consulting

3D Printing and Modeling

IT and Computing Services

FREE Mentoring Program

Every partner in the center will be matched with one of our networked mentors based on your industry and stage, receiving free consulting services & valuable advices bi-monthly.

Z-Park Global Platform

Z-Park has 11 innovation centers in 7 countries including China, U.S., UK, Canada, Israel, Finland, and Germany. Here in U.S. we have offices in Silicon Vally and Boson. Every Z-Park member is able to access all Z-Park global networking system as well as our workspace in different cities.

Events & Networking

Be aware that hundreds of events will be held every year at Z-Park, providing great opportunities for learning, networking and brand promotion. You will be able to access all the events and classes for free or with a largely discounted membership price. Startups can showcase their brands and get investments through Z-Park's bi-weekly roadshows.

Financial Services

With a fund of funds and a direct investment fund, Z-Park invests in high potential tech startups from various stage. We also have investors and fund partners all over the North America, waiting to be connected with good projects.

ICO Services: beside the investment and fund services, our professionals  provide you with the full support required at each stage of creating an offshore entity. Contact us and learn your ICO opportunities - FREE First Consultation!

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